2017 Adult Summer Mixed Team - Tuesday Intermediates

The NCTA offers this mixed team league for club players of all skill levels. Teams of 6 players play 3 doubles matches each week across the city alternating between home and away on Tuesdays evenings. Players' clubs must provide 3 courts every other week for teams to play.
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  • Teams of approximately similar calibre grouped in divisions.
  • Each team consists of 3 men and 3 women.
  • Each player from the team participates in one match every week.
  • Each playing night the team will play:
    • 1 mens doubles
    • 1 ladies doubles
    • 1 mixed doubles
  • Each match consists of 2 sets, with a “first to-7-points by 2” tiebreaker at 6-6.
  • If teams are tied 1-1 after the first 2 sets, then a “first-to-10-points by 2” tiebreaker will be played in place of a deciding set used to determine the winner.
  • Teams play every week.

The objective of the league is to promote competitive tennis and social exchange between players of member clubs of the NCTA.

Eligibility ** modified for summer 2017 

League competition is open to all NCTA member clubs. Captains may use spares from other teams.

  • Players can play for another team other than their own, at the same or lower level, as often as they like.
  • Players can play for a higher ranked team twice. If they play a third time then they are no longer eligible at the lower level.
  • A team can play an ineligible player in order to make up a team but they must forfeit the points for any game in which the ineligible player plays.

Rules and Regulations

The competition will be governed by the rules and regulations of tennis as described in the Tennis Canada publication "The Tennis Canada Code of Conduct" and applies to all players. The onus is on team captains to ensure that team players are fully conversant with the rules and code of conduct. Member clubs must ensure that their courts are equipped according to the regulations and guarantee court time as scheduled. If matches cannot be completed because of lack of availability of courts or darkness on unlighted courts, the home team forfeits the uncompleted sets in such matches.


The league will be run as a box system. Each team in a box will play every team in their box once. At the end of the box play, the top team will move up to the next highest box and the bottom team will move down. Results must be submitted on-line within 2 days or in the case of rainouts prior to the last scheduled game of a box. Captains must retain their score-sheets until the end of the season. There will be no crossover of league nights during a season.


The host club shall provide 3 new cans of regular size yellow tennis balls (Dunlop, Wilson, Slazenger or Penn) for each match.

Match Format

Each match consists of 2 sets, with a “first to-7-points by 2” tiebreaker at 6-6. If teams are tied 1-1 after the first 2 sets, then a “first-to-10-points by 2” tiebreaker will be played in place of a deciding set used to determine the winner.


Each fixture consists of 3 matches (Ladies' doubles, Men's doubles and Mixed Doubles) with a total of nine points available.  1 point is awarded for each set won, with another point award for winning the match. If a match is won in straight sets the winning team is awarded all three points.


The competition consists of: Ladies' Doubles, Men's Doubles and Mixed Doubles. A full team is made up of three ladies and three men. No player may play in more than one match on any one scheduled date. This restriction holds not only when matches are played on fewer than three courts with some matches following others, but also when matches are rained out and are rescheduled to different dates.

Time of Play

Competition will take place from May to September inclusive. Matches will be played at 6:30 pm. If fewer than three courts are available, the team captains will agree upon the order of play. If the team captains cannot agree, the visiting team captain will determine the order of play.


If a player does not appear within fifteen (15) minutes of the scheduled time the player or incomplete pair will lose both by default. Captains are expected to organize their team so that defaults are avoided. If an emergency arises, the other captain is to be notified at once. If for any reason a total match cannot be played there will be no points awarded to either team. If one team defaults two full matches during a session, all points related to that team will be cancelled and the team will not be allowed to participate the following session.


Matches will not be rescheduled for any reason other than rain or inclement weather. If matches are rained out, it is preferable that the two captains consult and mutually agree on a date to make the matches up. The host club shall offer the visiting club two (2) reasonable dates within 2 weeks of rain out. Failure to accept either of these dates constitutes a default. If the host club is unable to offer the two (2) dates this also constitutes a default. However if extenuating circumstances occur (such as club championships or NCTA tournaments) then the time restriction is waived. If the visiting team prefers to play rather than win by default, they may offer a date on their courts. If it is difficult for all players to play on the same night the match could be played on different nights. In the event of further inclement weather on the rescheduled date the match must be made up prior to the end of the box. If a match is already in progress and is interrupted by rain, play will resume with the same players as soon as safety permits. It is the responsibility of the host club to cancel in the event of rain, if possible, one (1) hour ahead of the scheduled time. The visitors must assume that a match will be played unless notified to the contrary. If a match is rescheduled please inform the NCTA office.


The home team is responsible for reporting the results online of each home match within two (2) days. If the results are not posted online by then, the visiting team may enter the results. Scoring or standing discrepancies must be reported within two (2) weeks of the match having been completed or prior to any box movement.