2017 Adult Summer Mixed Singles

The NCTA offers this mixed singles league for club players of all skills levels. We provided a weekly match-up and players arrange a suitable time to play at their home club, or their opponents' club each week. Guest fees may apply at some clubs.
Price: $20 / session

Sorry, all registrations has closed.


  • Players are placed into divisions of approximately similar skill level, men and women combined.
  • Each players' home club needs to provide court time for a match every other week.
  • Each player will play against opponents from the same division every week.
  • The match consists of a pro set to 8 games.
  • If time elapses or you can't finish the match, the player with the higher number of games wins.

The objective of the league is to promote competitive tennis and social exchange between players of member clubs of the NCTA.


Please contact your opponent and arrange a mutually suitable time to play your match at the home club within the week as indicated on the schedule. If you are unable to play within the scheduled week, please schedule the match at the earliest possibility. The home player will be responsible to book the court according to the rules and availability of his/her home club. The visitor will be paying the guest fee if any. You can also play at another club upon a mutual agreement.


Please record the score within a day after the match is played. Should your match get interrupted by weather, please record the score as it stands when interrupted. You can schedule a continuation if you both agree and record the new result.


Both players bring a can of new balls.  The winner keeps the new can, the loser keeps the used balls.


Warm-up for up to 10 minutes.

Match Regulation

Play is self-regulated and disputes should be worked out by the players. Please read the Code for Unofficiated Matches to familiarize yourself with the rules of tennis.


The match consists of one pro-set to 8 games, with a "first to 7 tiebreak" at 7-7. One point is awarded to the winner and recorded online by the players. Players may agree in advance to play a full match of two of three sets if court time is available.