Capital Kids Tennis

Tennis lessons for kids age 6 to 12 in Ottawa

Capital Kids is a program that started with a grant from the Trillium Foundation in 2014 and is a collaborative effort between the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA), the National Capital Tennis Association (NCTA) and the City of Ottawa.

Over the past five years, more than 6,400 children have been introduced to tennis through Capital Kids lessons on community tennis courts. Lessons take place in various neighbourhoods across the City to make tennis an accessible sport for all. Capital Kids runs in the summer May-September and low-cost leagues are promoted to past participants for the winter.

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Ontario Tennis Association Expanding Ottawa’s Capital Kids Program thanks to $317,300 OTF Grant

November 2nd, 2018

We are excited to share with you the new about our Capital Kids program, which has just got the grant approved by the Ontario Trillium Foundation. Capital Kids is the outreach tennis program, a collaborative effort between Ontario Tennis Association (OTA), National Capital Tennis Association (NCTA), City of Ottawa and the Ontario Trillium Foundation. “Seed” was planted in 2014, with the initial grant  and Capital Kids have grown over the past five years into over 6,400 children, who have been introduced to the tennis lessons at community tennis courts. Lessons are taking place in various neighborhoods across city to make tennis accessible sport for all. Using progressive tennis equipment and led by the certified tennis instructors, this low cost ($10 per child per four week session) has given a lot of kids an opportunity to learn the sport of the lifetime. From there on, kids are encouraged to join low cost leagues and programs at the local clubs.

For the 2019, Capital Kids will be expanding to 6 new communities in the first year, age limit will increase to 6-15 years old (from 6-12), there will be opportunities for sustained participation during the winter (November-February) and 4 Capital Kids rooking tournaments will be organized annually for participants seeking greater challenge and chance to practice, what they have learned during lessons.



A Shared Vision for the Future

The Ottawa-based Capital Kids program will launch into its 6th year of programming starting spring 2019. In collaboration with the National Capital Tennis Association (NCTA) and the City of Ottawa, Capital Kids has provided free and low-cost tennis lessons to more than 6,000 children ages 6 to 12. The program first launched in 2014, thanks to a 3-year Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) grant. Since then, the program has continued through low-cost participation fees and the ongoing diligence of the NCTA staff and volunteers.

From 2019 to 2021, Capital Kids will be delivered for children and youth, at up to 8 community tennis sites. Enhancements to the program will include: expanding the age limit to 15; opportunities for beginner competition through Rogers Rookie events; indoor programming through the winter months; and implementation at 8 brand new locations.

This initiative represents a shared goal between the OTA and NCTA to provide more children with affordable and accessible tennis programs. The support of the Ontario Trillium Foundation will aid us tremendously in achieving these goals. Over the next 3 years, Capital Kids will continue to reduce barriers to participation in tennis for more than 2,100 children living in low-income and/or diverse cultural communities.


OTA (Ontario Tennis Association)

Founded in 1919, the Ontario Tennis Association (OTA) is a non-profit, provincial sport association for tennis in Ontario. It is the largest provincial sport association in Canada, boasting 240 member clubs and encompassing 65,000 adult and junior tennis players. The OTA promotes participation in the sport of tennis and provides a structure of services assisting players to reach a level of competence consistent with their personal goals and abilities. The OTA is located at the Aviva Centre in Toronto. For more information, please visit:

NCTA (National Capital Tennis Association)

The National Capital Tennis Association (NCTA) is a region of the OTA. For more information, please visit:

OTF (Ontario Trillium Foundation)

A leading grant maker in Canada, the Ontario Trillium Foundation (OTF) strengthens the capacity of the voluntary sector through investments in community-based initiatives. An agency of the Government of Ontario, OTF builds healthy and vibrant communities. For more information, please visit: