Guinness Book of World Records – Tennis record attempt in Ottawa!


Photo by Daniel Prinn


On February 4, 2017, we facilitated an attempt to break the Guinness Book record for the most people bouncing a tennis ball on a tennis racket simultaneously!

We did this record attempt to help raise awareness for Capital Kids Tennis.  As well as raising awareness for Capital Kids, participants donated $1688 to Capital Kids after the attempt (thank you!).

972 people took part in the attempt.  This was higher than past records at the US Open (658 people) and the China Open (767 people), but sadly short of the current record held by Spain of 1,474 people.

Thank you to everyone who helped organize the event and those who took part in it.  We had a lot of fun with it – we hope you did as well!


Photos below by Leeorah Pearce