New dome proposal in Orleans

Amidst all the uncertainty with province wide lockdown and what this year will look like for tennis enthusiasts in the Ottawa region in the new covid “normal”, there are some great news for tennis players of all ages and levels of ability coming this year.

Jason Dupuis and the Catholic School Board of Centre-East (CECCE) are leading the initiative to build a community sports hub in Orleans (near Marc Garneau HS), a multi-sport air dome hosting indoor tennis among other sports, like soccer, football, volleyball, pickle ball, baseball and others.

Jason is well known to many in competitive junior tennis circles, as a former president of Blackburn Tennis Club and someone who has been a dedicated support to hosting many hugely successful junior OTA tournaments across age categories. He is an avid tennis player himself and so is the rest of his family. Being a superintendent of the CECCE and passionate about the sport, as well as education, Jason has been working on this project for some time now.

Consultations with parents council, community members and partners, City of Ottawa among others have been held and now the project is getting close to being actualized. This means that there will be additional opportunities for the competitive juniors to train all year around, for recreational players to book courts, have a regular game, sign up for a program and for the schools, seasonal clubs in adjacent communities of Orleans, Blackburn, Beacon Hill and others will be an athletic sports hub that can keep kids active and healthy.

This is a welcome development for our region, with a recent OAC closure and indoor capacity reduced to fourteen courts in total. We believe that supporting Jason and CECCE in their initiative is important for us as a larger tennis community and wanted to share the link to the information and also attached form to express your personal support to the City Councilor for this project. Having your voices heard and extending your support will bring us step closer to get than much needed athletic facility that will have tennis as one of its mainstay sports.

Thank you so much! Looking forward to hear from you and do send your votes and comments in support of the Orleans Sports Dome! Stay safe!